Those Pesky Rules

A friendly fortnightly challenge open to all crafters. We are all about enjoying our hobby and sharing the different styles and techniques we all enjoy. Challenge's are open to everyone with just a few rules to follow please.

First the prize, for every challenge a random draw the prize might be a specific product donated by one of our sponsors or it might be a voucher for you to choose you prize.   To qualify for the random draw entries must comply with the challenge rules

Now those pesky rules

Please add a link to your challenge post and not just to your blog

If you have word verification please turn it off, if you select moderate all comments instead you have complete control on what is published on your site :)   This rule also covers entries that are posted in groups that we would have to join to comment.

Add a link to the challenge in your posting

Please follow the theme guidelines a lot of peeps will add a token element to qualify and these types of entries will be dis-allowed.

Please only enter new projects for the challenge and not a back link to an older project.

Please do not enter each challenge more than 3 times.   

We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate or offensive entries. In-eligible entries will not be removed meaning that visitors may still visit you from this site, they will be excluded from the draw.

We are here for fun and hope you will enjoy yourselves with our challenges.