Our Design Team

We have a terrific team making and sharing samples with us all for the challenge's that we all select.   A very mixed group with different styles reflecting the different styles of crafter in this fabulous community of ours.   Here we are the Craft-Room Challenge Design Team:

Hazel says,
My mum and nana taught me to knit, sew and embroider at a very early age and I've been crafting one way or another ever since. I started rubber stamping about 15 years ago and love the distressed grungy look, but I do enjoy doing other styles as well. I love paper and have had a go at most papercrafts and I've at last got through the stage of buying paper to look at and stroke, I don't care what I tear, cut or crumple anymore.

Mervi says,
Hello, my name is Mervi and I'm from Southern Finland.  I've tried all kinds of arts and crafts think all my life, but card making just took my heart and time few years ago.   I do everything from cute to shabby vintage  and I want to try everything new!   I  look forward for visiting your blogs and see your works on the challenge themes, hope we have fun and  great time together;-))m

Esther says,
I've been crafting for as long as I can remember, junk modelling as a child  - my mum still has some toilet roll snowmen !! I started card making about 20 years ago though I can't remember how, I think I saw a stall at a craft fair and though 'I can do that!' - I  still have the first rubber stamps I bought to make christmas cards with. I then found scrapbooking too, although I do this less now. Rubber stamping is definitely my biggest passion and I love getting inky and creating my own backgrounds and embellishments.  I started my blog almost a year ago and as my confidence has grown I decided it was time to get stuck in a bit more and I thought what a lovely opportunity the Craft Room DT call was to join a team from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to having lots of fun and sharing our creativity !

Debbie says,
I have  been drawing for as long as I  can remember, but only started crafting about 10 years ago with scrapbooking the kids early childhood.   One year ago I made friends with a card maker and have been making cards since then. I'm also making tentative forays into Mixed Media Art and enjoy sharing my art.  I love blogging and challenges, so I'm thrilled to be part of this new Design Team.

Maria says,

Hi, my name is Maria, I’m 45 and I am really thrilled to be one of the new members of Craft Room Challenge’s Design Team.  I live in Manchester with my partner Dave, and Jack, our Springer Spaniel.  I work as a Finance Officer in a nearby high school.  My crafting life started a few years ago after my daughter left home.  I started making cards, and other bits and bobs, and haven’t stopped since - it’s definitely one of those addictive things!   I’m so proud to be one of the team and can’t wait to get involved - it’s going to be great meeting so many other like-minded people, sharing ideas and creating lovely unique things. 

Suzanne says,

Hello...I was delighted to be invited to join the Craft Room DT.  I started scrapbooking 7-years ago following a trip to Florida and lots of encouragement from my hubbie who thought I was too obsessed with housework.  I bet he regrets that - housework is now long down the list of my priorities:)  I love rubber stamping, paints, die cuts etc but most of all I love the crafting community whether that be through Blogland and challenges or actual craft groups and workshops.  I do not believe I have a firm style ...liking to chop and change but I do love the layered shabby/vintage genre.  One thing I cannot master is clean and simple although I do like it...my problem is the clean:)  

Completing the team are Julia and Zoe, the challenge founders.

My name is Julia Hallsworth, I live in the beautiful High Peak with my family which consists of ‘the other half’ Bob, and two grown up daughters, Ruth and Lorna, and last but by no means least my treasured long haired dachshund Otto who is 14.  We have just lost his wonderful brother Fritz who was 15 and it has been decided that later in the year there will be a puppy coming into the family, so watch this space.   I love good food and a decent bottle of red, and when the weather is nice really I enjoy being in my garden ‘pottering’.  My other passion is Spain; I adore the place and spend as much time as I can there.

I have been crafting in some form or another all my life and I am my happiest when I’m being creative, I got into paper crafting about 10 years ago and got hooked from the start.  I love to try different styles of crafting and never make the same thing twice.  My ultimate aim is to be more ‘arty’ and have more of a free style when creating, but as yet I’m not happy with the results so I think it’s a case of perseverance and patience and hopefully one day I can reach my goal.  


Zoe says
Its great to be putting this new challenge together and getting to work with this fabulous team.   Crafting in one form or another has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.   Papercrafting and Rubber Stamping for 15/16 years now.    During that time many styles have come and gone most of which I've tried, it is rubber stamping that has endured for me and getting my fingers inky!

Our Rules

We are refreshing things just a little and have some updates/revisions to the rules. Please read these and be sure your entry qualifies.

1 You must check the challenge details and comply with all the specifications. i.e. Tell us what about xxxx inspired you means we expect to see some information relating your project to our challenge on your post.

2 Token elements are insufficient if our challenge is for example "Wings" that tiny little flying thing in the bottom left background is not qualifying element.

3 Entries that are really promoting products and or other challenges are no longer allowed.

With these 3 rules we are looking to see that your entry is really a response to the challenge. We work hard on our team inspiration pieces, we have a system in place to make sure we will comment on all the entries we can and this team often comment on more than the those required by our system. All we ask is that you join in with the spirit of our challenge. Inherent is this is the requirement that your project be new and not a back line to an older project.

We are not going to spend a lot of time policing this, entries that do not qualify will simply be ignored by the team.

4 You may not enter more than 5 other challenges besides ours that is a total of 6 challenges entered.

5 You may not enter this challenge more than 3 times per theme.

6 Winner and Top 3 will be selected by team vote

7 While we try to comment on all entries some of us have a problem with WordPress and have found that we cannot always successfully comment on these.

7a We are also cautious about having to fill in a questionnaire before we can comment. We might not take the time if we have a lot to get through.

7b please turn off word verification

8 Our decision is final in all considerations of compliance with these rules.

9 Prizes are offer depending on availability, we are dependant on our very generous sponsors and from time to time we will provided the prize ourselves.

10 Please remember to add a link from your post to our challenge site here.

The purpose of this update is to encourage our followers who regularly join in with some fabulous work that is inspired by the challenge and who take the time to share it. We do not care what your style/standard is we just want to see you grow as artists and perhaps play a part in your journey.