Tuesday, 19 August 2014



Hi all, this is Christi and I am thrilled to bring you my very first challenge!  Before we get into that I want to thank all the people who entered into Hazel's challenge and showing us your Summer Gardens.  We will now be voting on the winners and we have a tough choice ahead of us.

Some of you may know I am crazy cat woman. Maybe not quiet yet, but with five furry felines, I am definitely on my way.  So, to honor my furbabies, I choose CATS as my challenge theme for challenge #83.  I can't wait to see the projects you come up with, and keep in mind you can create anything as long as you follow the theme.  I am hoping you'll get out your stamps, markers, paper, tags, shadow boxes and all your other goodies and will share some of your talent with us!

The prize comes from one of our fabulous sponsors, The Stamp Man.

Feast your eyes on some samples made by the talented team here at Craft-Room Challenges and be sure to click on the name so you can go to their blog and see how each creation was made. 




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  1. What a fantastic idea for the cat lover i am! I would love to do more then one card if i have time enough! And congrats for all design team members who made so fabulous samples!

  2. Just found this blog and will join in on the next challenge. As a vet tech I deal with a lot of cats! Love Furbabies of all kinds. Awesome job to the DT!


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